Microneedle mesotherapy DERMOROLLER

Needle mesotherapy is one of the most effective and most popular cosmetic treatments. It is also known as rolling and involves collagen induction (CIT). The treatment reduces wrinkles, stretchmarks and all kinds of scars. The technique is also effective in improving the texture of the skin and reducing the appearance of pores. Thanks to the high degree of absorption of the active ingredients injected into the skin, needle mesotherapy can be used to treat brown hyperpigmentation spots as well as hair loss and acne. The treatment is performed with the use of special devices, such as a derma-roller. The devices have a certain number of very sharp and thin needles which make tiny holes in the surface of the skin, allowing the active ingredients to quickly and easily penetrate into the skin. The micro-damage caused by a derma-roller activates the healing processes and boost the production of collagen and elastine which results in thicker, more tight and younger-looking skin. Essence is one of the best beauty clinics in Warsaw and therefore you can be sure that the treatment will be performed by highly experienced and qualified professionals. Needle mesotherapy is especially recommended for older people who want to to tighten the skin, and young people who want to nourish and moisturize their skin. The effects can be noticed after the first treatment; however we recommend conducting a series of 4-6 treatments done every 7-10 days. You are more than welcome to come and use our services – Warsaw, Hoża Street.

Indications for the treatment:

  • skin showing signs of tiredness and stress,
  • skin with pigmentation spots,
  • dry skin,
  • dull, lackluster skin,
  • smoker’s skin,
  • flabby skin,
  • wrinkled skin.

The effects of the treatment:

  • smoothing out the surface of the skin,
  • deep moisturization,
  • improving the skin tone
  • radiant skin,
  • lifting effect,
  • reduction of wrinkles.