Endermologie - vacuum massage

Endermologie is also known as an exclusive vacuum massage. It is one of the most effective methods of reducing cellulite and localized fat deposits, as well as shaping the whole body. This non-invasive and painless cosmetic treatment can be done not only on the body, but neck, décolletage, and bust as well.

The treatment is performed with the use of a professional LPG Cellu M6® Integral device (it is the latest generation of the LPG devices). During the massage, the device folds the skin using suction, and then moves the skin in different directions under the continuous action of the special rollers. The treatment is performed with a lot of pressure, which allows for affecting cutaneous and subcutaneous connective tissue. That is why Endermologie is better than any other methods of reducing cellulite, which work only on the surface.  Vacuum massage effectvely fights with signs of ageing (even on the more delicate parts of the body). The treatment is very pleasant and relaxing. Facial massage is particularly relaxing. It rhythmically stimulates and tightens the skin. Endermologie can perform the function of lymphatic massage, as it eliminates toxins from the body. The treatment has therefore a shaping, anti-wrinkle, detoxing, therapeutic and relaxing effect. The results of the treatment are visible after the first session, and build up during the next sessions. In order to achieve the best effect, it is advisable to undergo a series of vacuum massages. The full therapy consists of 10-12 treatments, which should be done 1-2 times a week (depending on the patient’s needs). After the treatment course ends, it is recommended to repeat the treatment once a month. Indications fot the treatment: – localized accumulation of fatty tissue, – cellulite, loose skin, preparing the skin for other cosmetic or aesthetic medicine treatments.

Advantages of the treatment:

  • stimulating microcirculation in the skin,
  • firming and smoothing the skin,
  • gives the glow to the skin,
  • shapes the whole body,
  • reduces the fatty tissue,
  • reduces the fatty tissue,
  • reduces cell,
  • reduces under eye bags and puffiness,
  • smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles,
  • improves the contour of the face,
  • reduces scars (inflamed and not inflamed),
  • reduces swelling,
  • reduces fibrosis,
  • relieves pain.

The results of the painless and pleasant treatment are visible after the first session, and are more pronounced after the next sessions.

Suggested treatments:

  • face endermologie (combined with another treatment) – 80 zł
  • face endermologie as a separate treatment – 110 zł
  • body Endermologie – 140 zł
  • package of 10 treatments – 990 zł
  • package of 15 treatments – 1.400 zł

Bodysuits for Endermologie:

  • suit – 80 zł
  • trousers – 75 zł

If you purchase a package, you get the suit or trousers for free.