Botulinum toxin

The treatment using the botulinum toxin is one of the oldest and therefore the best known aesthetic medicine treatments. The treatment, which has been used for many years, allows for reducing expression wrinkles, giving the face young and relaxed look. The treatment is preceded by a consultation with a doctor, and is a safe aesthetic procedure that makes patients happy.

Who is the treatment for?

  • older people with heavy wrinkles in the upper face
  • young people who use their mimic muscles extensively, in order to prevent formation of new wrinkles and deepening of the already existing ones

Treated areas:

  • forehead – transverse lines
  • glabella – the lion’s wrinkle
  • eyes – “crow’s feet”

Lasting time:

  • the first effects: after a few days
  • final results: after 14 days
  • how long does the effects last: 5-6 months

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